Top four Video Editors – Which one to choose?

You have a great many options when it comes to choosing a good video editing software. There’s the option to use freeware, but many great features are only available in paid software. Which software to choose? And how to decide whether a feature is necessary to have in your software?

Sadly, the understanding of which feature is useful and which isn’t may vary, depending upon what sort of videos you make, and what style you embellish them with. A free software should do the trick for that.

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is a free software. It is available for download on Microsoft’s website. All basic features are available in Windows Movie Maker. Some include basic editing using frames, adding music in the background, adjustment of audio and video and inserting pictures in between video clips. It is pretty basic though, and people tend to shift to other software as they get more creative and experienced with editing. Also, you cannot put in sound effects other than the Background score, and also don’t have an option of putting image overlays, inlays or making good end screens where you can link to older videos.

  1. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is for an advanced video maker. Using the advanced features with more precise cuts gives one a more sophisticated end result. The final video of course depends on the quality of the input, as always. But you get to put in many layers of media, which are prioritised numerically to be more intuitive. The cons? It’s one of the more expensive software, with Sony Vegas Pro 13 costing on the upper side of 25000 indian rupees!

  1. iMovie

Download iMovie for PC, as it is pretty much a standard software to use for those who have Macs or iPads. It gets the work done, and is relatively cheaper, at 300 indian rupees. It is smart and intuitive, and you can get hundreds of YouTube video tutorials if you ever get stuck on something. The popularity may also turn out to be a con, since features are so common that your videos turn out to be very similar to lots of videos people have already seen. A good perspective could be to look upon it as a creative challenge, to be circumvented by doing something that distinguishes your editing.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink is quite essentially THE software used by professionals (whatever few I have come across, that is). There are different versions with more features for each costlier version. But it is not essential to buy the highest version to get the maximum features. Chances are you won’t use most of those fancy features anyway, so choose which version to buy. There isn’t much of a difference that will be apparent to beginner level editors, but Pros may find it interesting to use, with top notch features that can impart great class to the video.

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