Snaptube On Your Personal Computer (PC)

Most are the times when you find it difficult to play your favorite YouTube videos online due to the attendant data or network charges. Similarly, internet connections at times fail you when you really want to enjoy your entertainment.  You need not worry anymore as with Snaptube you can easily download your videos and store them for watching when offline or when there’s no internet connection. The big question however is whether you can Snaptube download on your PC and how to go about the process. It is pretty simple given that the application is readily available online.


The first step is for you to download and install an Android Emulator on your PC. The Emulators allow Windows Operating System users to use any Android app on windows computers. Once successfully downloaded install the emulator on your computer and launch it. Proceed to search for the Snaptube application file on the emulator before running it. You will do this by right clicking on the Snaptube application file then open it with your downloaded emulator. Note that the emulator will only require a few minutes before automatically downloading Snaptube on your PC.

Based on the type of emulator that you will have used to download Snaptube, it will be available in the ‘downloads’ section. Double click on the application and you will instantly start enjoying Snaptube. With the application already installed on your computer you can ten proceed to watch or download YouTube videos. At this point you are at liberty to choose the quality of videos that you intend to watch or download.

Snaptube on your computer allows you to convert videos to mp3 and you get to choose the format in which you want you audio clip to be saved. Snaptube gives you two options in which to store your downloaded audio files. The two formats are mp3 and Hi-Q audio. When it comes to video the application allows you to choose the quality of the video and this ranges from 140P low quality to 720P HD quality videos. Download speeds on Snaptube are very good provided that network connection is strong. It is important for you to note that while there exists various types of Android emulators the commonly used for Windows Operating System is Bluestacks.

The emulator will enable you acquire the Snaptube APK file from which you will get to enjoy the benefits of the application. Snaptube gives you the size of your download before you choose the quality of either video or audio. For instance an audio mp3 will require that you have 2.3 megabytes (MB) of space on your storage device while a Hi-Q audio will require space amounting to 4.8 MB.  Similarly a 720P high definition video requires 78 MB space while the lower quality of 144P will require 2.1 MB space on the hard disk or preferred storage device.

You can now start enjoying Snaptube on your PC without much of a hassle. Simply select your video and click for fun.