Love photography? Try these 5 applications to get the most from your photos

Today’s generation is all about photography and selfies, not to mention. Smartphone’s camera is not that capable to capture clear photos that are good enough to show the world. So let us have a look at top 5 photo editing applications that will set your photos out from the crowd.



Snapseed is one of the most amazing photo editing applications on the play store. The application has a neat and clean design which is what sets it apart from any other photo editing app. being said simple; it doesn’t lack any feature that you will require to make your photo even more appealing. You can crop, tune, rotate, transform, heal, brush and do much more with your picture and that is not it! It also comes with many filters which will force you to fall in love with it.

Photo Editor Pro


This is another most used photo editing application that is used by millions of users. The application has one of the best and most realistic looking photo filters and auto enhance feature. You can even make collage, using the application and it even has instagram mode for square photos or collage.

Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop has been one of the most favorite photo editing applications on computer used by many professional photographers. Well, Adobe now has brought it to smartphone without sacrificing much of its functionality. All you need to do is subscribe to the creative cloud and then you are all set to use all of its features. You can change the photo in any way you want and you can even remove the red eye that we usually get from the flash.



This article is all about photo editing applications and you might be wondering why a collage making application is listed in the list. Well, the answer is very simple, because of productivity. Normally, you can only create the collage from normal pictures and if you want to remove certain part of the picture, then you would have to crop it. Well, in this case, you can draw a border to the main object and cut it out to make a collage, which is quite cool and looks great.

Layout from Instagram


Instagram is the application which is all about photos, so why not a photo editor from the makers of Instagram? Well, the answer is Layout app which is available for free across all the platforms. Through Layout, you can make collages which look pretty cool and clean at the same time and add filters to them and then post it directly to Insatgram. You can also select different layout options through the application only.

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