5 Best entertaining applications for Android

Imagine if your travelling becomes more exciting and marvelous due to the devices present near you.  Yes, What if you could download movies and video, watch them on the go.Android Apps

It is quite difficult to get such an applications via Google play store, though, we do have video downloaders available for Android devices on Internet.

Video downloaders are apps that allow you to download movies, videos and songs from reliable websites. There are plenty of such applications, today we will discuss the top 4 Video downloaders for Android devices.


#1.  TubeMate


TubeMate is an video downloader that enables you to download unlimited videos and movies. It is one of the finest video downloaders available in the digital market. TubeMate has an in built web browser that helps you to get quality video links. There are many more features to highlight for example, you can convert video into audio, choose your resolution in which you want to watch the video.

#2.  VidMate


VidMate is yet another application that is very easy to obtain via sites like uptodown, 9apps, apkmirror etc. It again processes the same features as TubeMate but in a more precise manner. User can download videos and movies by their keywords, choose their resolution as well as play games for free. VidMate video downloader is very easy to use and simple to download.

#3.  SnapTube


SnapTube video downloader is a video and movie downloader that gives you a collection of around hundred and thousands of amazing movies. It will provide you with reliable links to download. Amazing experience with its user interface. SnapTube also allows you to share the original links with your family and friends.

#4.  Videoder


Videoder is an application that enables you to experience unbelievably the best speed and quality as compared to its competitors. Videoder serves you with full entertainment package for your entire day. Though, it gives you the same basic features as others, its speed and quality is unmatchable.

#5.  Showbox


ShowBox is one more application that allows you to enjoy limitless movies and TV shows. Showbox team provides the massive collection of latest along with old classic movies and TV shows. You can stream them anywhere and also anytime you wish to.


Be it VidMate, Videoder, TubeMate or SnapTube, they all will give you the same end result – Amazing entertainment package as well as awesome speed to download. You can watch unlimited videos and movies offline. Well, an excellent internet connection is always a good treat for you.

Best 3 movie making applications

Do you love to shoot videos and then share it with everyone? Do you like to shoot videos for your blogs or for any professional purposes? If the answer is yes then there is no doubt you are also looking for the best video editing applications. Video editing is extremely important o make your video appear more effective. You need to remove unwanted parts and also sometimes enhance the quality of the video. This can only be done with the video editing apps. Here are the 3 best movie making applications for you.


As the name suggests, iMovie is an app for editing videos and for creating movies. However, what we need to remember is that it is available only to the iOS and Mac users. It is exclusively for the Apple devices. Ever since its launch, iMovie has become a rage among the Apple device users and not without any reason. iMovie for PC allows you to create some really amazing movies with all the options it has. You can splice, cut, and trim videos easily. You can totally enhance the videos with the special filters. You can do all of this for free.

iMovie for PC

 VSDC Editor

 This editor gives you the feel of a truly professional tool. But it is not just the appearance. This free editor comes with so many features one might think that it is a pro editor. There are innumerable tools and options to make a movie. It is a wonderful option for the beginners. This movie making application is for the desktop and Mac users.


This is a great movie making tool for both professionals as well as amateurs. The free version is not available any more. However, you can run it in the free trial period. Once the trial period is over you can buy it for $60 with the Pinnacle Studio suite.

Snaptube On Your Personal Computer (PC)

Most are the times when you find it difficult to play your favorite YouTube videos online due to the attendant data or network charges. Similarly, internet connections at times fail you when you really want to enjoy your entertainment.  You need not worry anymore as with Snaptube you can easily download your videos and store them for watching when offline or when there’s no internet connection. The big question however is whether you can Snaptube download on your PC and how to go about the process. It is pretty simple given that the application is readily available online.


The first step is for you to download and install an Android Emulator on your PC. The Emulators allow Windows Operating System users to use any Android app on windows computers. Once successfully downloaded install the emulator on your computer and launch it. Proceed to search for the Snaptube application file on the emulator before running it. You will do this by right clicking on the Snaptube application file then open it with your downloaded emulator. Note that the emulator will only require a few minutes before automatically downloading Snaptube on your PC.

Based on the type of emulator that you will have used to download Snaptube, it will be available in the ‘downloads’ section. Double click on the application and you will instantly start enjoying Snaptube. With the application already installed on your computer you can ten proceed to watch or download YouTube videos. At this point you are at liberty to choose the quality of videos that you intend to watch or download.

Snaptube on your computer allows you to convert videos to mp3 and you get to choose the format in which you want you audio clip to be saved. Snaptube gives you two options in which to store your downloaded audio files. The two formats are mp3 and Hi-Q audio. When it comes to video the application allows you to choose the quality of the video and this ranges from 140P low quality to 720P HD quality videos. Download speeds on Snaptube are very good provided that network connection is strong. It is important for you to note that while there exists various types of Android emulators the commonly used for Windows Operating System is Bluestacks.

The emulator will enable you acquire the Snaptube APK file from which you will get to enjoy the benefits of the application. Snaptube gives you the size of your download before you choose the quality of either video or audio. For instance an audio mp3 will require that you have 2.3 megabytes (MB) of space on your storage device while a Hi-Q audio will require space amounting to 4.8 MB.  Similarly a 720P high definition video requires 78 MB space while the lower quality of 144P will require 2.1 MB space on the hard disk or preferred storage device.

You can now start enjoying Snaptube on your PC without much of a hassle. Simply select your video and click for fun.

Download Kik Messenger for PC Without Bluestacks

Whatsapp recently launched its online version of the mobile app called WhatsApp Web. This version allows the users to use Whatsapp on their laptops or PCs without registering any other mobile number or account. The process of using Whatsapp Web is simple. All the user needs to do is scan the Web Barcode on their Whatsapp on phone and voila! They can start using Whatsapp on the laptop or PC. This allows users to juggle between work and chat at the same time. They no longer have to keep checking their phones again and again for messages. After the launch of Whatsapp Web, users of other messaging application also preferred to use the messengers online as it was easier to use one gadget for all, rather than switching between phone and PC/laptop.


Kik, the most popular messaging app and the toughest competitor for Whatsapp so far, has more than 120 million user audience across the globe. Thus, it is no surprise that these users would also like to use Kik Messenger online, i.e. on their laptops or PCs. Sadly, the official version of Kik Messenger online hasn’t been introduced yet. But, that has not stopped users from finding an alternate way to use Kik online. Most users download Bluestacks, which is an android emulator that allows you to use android application on your Windows PC or Laptop. However, for those who wish to use Kik online without Bluestacks, the following step-by-step guide is for you. First, though, make sure the graphic driver of your Windows 7 system is up to date since Kik Messenger requires high resolution graphics.

  1. Download Andy Software on your Windows 7 PC or laptop. This software can be downloaded for free from its official website. It is a genuine and popular software of PCs.
  2. Once the software file is downloaded, start the installation process by simply following the instruction that will be displayed on the screen.
  3. After installation, run the software. You will see a screen as that of any android tablet running on Jelly Bean OS. On the screen, you will also find a Google Play Store icon. Click on the icon and search for “Kik Messenger” in play store.
  4. Find the original Kik messenger and click on ‘install’ to install it on your software.
  5. Once the process is complete, you can start using Kik like any other application on your phone, but on your Windows7 PC or laptop.

There it is, Kik Messenger Online. The process is extremely similar and does not require much time either. Using a messaging app on your PC or laptop provides a lot of comfort to switch between work and conversations, without having to constantly check both the devices. Thus, many people prefer using online messengers at times, over phone applications. This application has gained quite a momentum in many countries and enjoys the highest levels of download in comparison to other applications. So download and enjoy Kik messenger!

Love photography? Try these 5 applications to get the most from your photos

Today’s generation is all about photography and selfies, not to mention. Smartphone’s camera is not that capable to capture clear photos that are good enough to show the world. So let us have a look at top 5 photo editing applications that will set your photos out from the crowd.



Snapseed is one of the most amazing photo editing applications on the play store. The application has a neat and clean design which is what sets it apart from any other photo editing app. being said simple; it doesn’t lack any feature that you will require to make your photo even more appealing. You can crop, tune, rotate, transform, heal, brush and do much more with your picture and that is not it! It also comes with many filters which will force you to fall in love with it.

Photo Editor Pro


This is another most used photo editing application that is used by millions of users. The application has one of the best and most realistic looking photo filters and auto enhance feature. You can even make collage, using the application and it even has instagram mode for square photos or collage.

Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop has been one of the most favorite photo editing applications on computer used by many professional photographers. Well, Adobe now has brought it to smartphone without sacrificing much of its functionality. All you need to do is subscribe to the creative cloud and then you are all set to use all of its features. You can change the photo in any way you want and you can even remove the red eye that we usually get from the flash.



This article is all about photo editing applications and you might be wondering why a collage making application is listed in the list. Well, the answer is very simple, because of productivity. Normally, you can only create the collage from normal pictures and if you want to remove certain part of the picture, then you would have to crop it. Well, in this case, you can draw a border to the main object and cut it out to make a collage, which is quite cool and looks great.

Layout from Instagram


Instagram is the application which is all about photos, so why not a photo editor from the makers of Instagram? Well, the answer is Layout app which is available for free across all the platforms. Through Layout, you can make collages which look pretty cool and clean at the same time and add filters to them and then post it directly to Insatgram. You can also select different layout options through the application only.

Top four Video Editors – Which one to choose?

You have a great many options when it comes to choosing a good video editing software. There’s the option to use freeware, but many great features are only available in paid software. Which software to choose? And how to decide whether a feature is necessary to have in your software?

Sadly, the understanding of which feature is useful and which isn’t may vary, depending upon what sort of videos you make, and what style you embellish them with. A free software should do the trick for that.

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is a free software. It is available for download on Microsoft’s website. All basic features are available in Windows Movie Maker. Some include basic editing using frames, adding music in the background, adjustment of audio and video and inserting pictures in between video clips. It is pretty basic though, and people tend to shift to other software as they get more creative and experienced with editing. Also, you cannot put in sound effects other than the Background score, and also don’t have an option of putting image overlays, inlays or making good end screens where you can link to older videos.

  1. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is for an advanced video maker. Using the advanced features with more precise cuts gives one a more sophisticated end result. The final video of course depends on the quality of the input, as always. But you get to put in many layers of media, which are prioritised numerically to be more intuitive. The cons? It’s one of the more expensive software, with Sony Vegas Pro 13 costing on the upper side of 25000 indian rupees!

  1. iMovie

Download iMovie for PC, as it is pretty much a standard software to use for those who have Macs or iPads. It gets the work done, and is relatively cheaper, at 300 indian rupees. It is smart and intuitive, and you can get hundreds of YouTube video tutorials if you ever get stuck on something. The popularity may also turn out to be a con, since features are so common that your videos turn out to be very similar to lots of videos people have already seen. A good perspective could be to look upon it as a creative challenge, to be circumvented by doing something that distinguishes your editing.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink is quite essentially THE software used by professionals (whatever few I have come across, that is). There are different versions with more features for each costlier version. But it is not essential to buy the highest version to get the maximum features. Chances are you won’t use most of those fancy features anyway, so choose which version to buy. There isn’t much of a difference that will be apparent to beginner level editors, but Pros may find it interesting to use, with top notch features that can impart great class to the video.